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Choosing a Fit Calling – William Perkins

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Every man must choose a fit calling to walk in; that is, every calling must be fitted to the man, and every man must be fitted to his calling. This rule is as necessary as the former, for when men are out of their proper callings in any society, it is as much as if a joint were out of place in the body. Now in the choice of callings, two sorts of men must be considered, men of years, and children. Men of years make choice of fit callings for themselves when they try, judge, and examine themselves to what things they are apt and fit, and to what things they are not. And every man must examine himself of two things: first, touching his affection, secondly, touching his gifts. For his affection, he must search what mind he has to any calling, and in what calling he desires most of all to glorify God. For his gifts he must examine for and to what calling they are fittest. Having thus tried both his affection and gifts, finding also the calling to which they tend with one consent, he may say, that is his calling: because he likes it best, and is every way fittest to it. As, for example, one brought up in the schools of learning desires to know what ought to be his calling; well, he examines his affections or desire, and finds it most of all inclined to the ministry of the Gospel; he examines his gifts also, and finds both knowledge and utterance fit for the same. Now such a one may safely say that the ministry is a calling to which he is set apart. And the like may any other man in any other calling say for himself. Yet, because many men are partial in judging their inclinations and gifts, the best way for them is to use the advice and help of others that are able to give direction herein, and to discern better than themselves.

From: A treatise of the vocations, by William Perkins

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