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Living Well To God in Our Callings – William Perkins

February 16, 2012

William Perkins, How to Live Well, and That Well: In All Estates and Times. Specially When Helps and Comforts Fail. (some modernized spelling):

In the labour and work of our calling, there is required a double action of faith. The first is, to order our labours, that they be done in a good manner, that is, in obedience and to good ends, that is, to God’s glory, and to the good of men, with whom we live. In this respect is Noah said to build an Ark by faith [Heb. 11.7], and good Princes to order their commonwealths, and in way of protection to make war with their enemies: and thus must every man of every office, calling, trade, occuption, do his duty by faith. The second action of faith is in our daily labours to restrain and moderate our care. Men commonly take upon them a double care: one is to do the works and labours of their callings; the other is to procure a blessing and good success to their aforesaid labours. But faith in God’s word where it reigns, it stirs up the hearts of men only to the first care, which is in the performance of their painful labours and duties, and it restrains them from the second, causing them to leave it to God. For when men have done the duty that appertains unto them, then faith makes them without any more ado, to wait for a blessing on God. To this purpose the holy Ghost says, Psal. 55.22. Cast thy burden on the Lord, and he shall nourish thee. Again, Be nothing careful, but in all things let your requests be showed unto God, in prayer and supplication with thanksgiving; [Phil. 4] and, Cast your care on God. [1 Pet. 5] Now this faith, whereby we depend on God for the success of our labours; hath an infallible ground, namely, that God best knows our wants, and he will give unto us all things which he in his wisdom knows to be necessary. Christ says, Mat. 6.31. Your heavenly Father knows that you have need of these things, that is, food and raiment. Again, He cares for you: [1 Pet. 4] and, Nothing shall be wanting unto them that fear God. [Psal. 34] If men would by faith build on these promises, they should not need like drudges of the world to toil and spend themselves, and the best part of their days in worldly cares, as they do: for they should have a greater blessing of God with less care, if they would trust him: and they should have far more time then they have, to care for heaven and heavenly.

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