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Fears of not being in a state of grace – Henry Scudder

June 20, 2011

The seeming grounds of fears that a man is not in a state of grace, when yet he is, are for variety almost infinite. I have reduced them to these heads.

1. They who are taken with false fears, think their sins to be greater than can be pardoned.

2. When they are driven from that, they say they fear God will not pardon. When they are driven from this, by causing them to take notice of the signs of God’s actual love to them, which gave proof that He will save them. Then,

3. They will question the truth of God’s love and favour. But being put upon the trial whether God hath not already justified them, and given them faith in Christ, which are sufficient proofs of his love; then,

4. They will seem to have grounds to doubt whether they have faith, from which they are driven, by putting them to the trial of their sanctification, then

5. They doubt, and will object strongly that they are not sanctified, which being undeniably proved; then,

6. They fear they shall fall away, and not persevere to the end. Which fear being taken away also, and all this is come to good issue, they shall have no more cause of disquiet or fear.

This is the easiest, most familiar, and the most natural method, so far as I can judge, both in proposing, and in removing false fears.


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