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Relationship between faith and culture

September 13, 2009

Culture receives its meaning from the meaning of history… Historic Christianity… believes that Christ stands at the center of history…. According to Scripture, Christ is king not only in his natural prerogative as eternal Logos, co-equal with the Father and the Spirit, but he has been anointed Mediatorial king in virtue of his obedience and sacrifice rendered on Calvary… Whereas the first Adam fell into sin and disobedience through the subtlety of Satan, Christ as second Adam fulfilled all righteousness and he finished the work given him by the Father. In his office as Mediator, Christ is the Reconciler of the world, the first principle (arche’) and Logos of history, the Key to Culture… The kingdom of our Lord is broader than the church as a visible organization, although the visible church is one of the most important manifestations of that kingdom in this world. But, as a matter of fact, the citizens of the kingdom of God are also members of families, of societies and nations, and as such they must show their allegiance to the King.

Henry R. Van Til, The Calvinistic Concept of Culture

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