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Jewish Christian on forum: “Use the Law”.

August 20, 2009

Jesus is the Jewish Messiah. They missed their King of Kings!

Christianity is the fulfillment of the Jewish faith. I myself am Jewish (blood from my Mother) If you should know ONE thing about your religion… your Savior would be the big one to not miss.

Sadly, many of today’s Jews profess godliness but don’t embrace the Scriptures as we presume they do. Therefore, it is often difficult to reason with them about Jesus being the Messiah. This is why it is imperative to ask a Jew if he has kept the Law of Moses—to “shut” him up under the Law (Galatians 3:23) and strip him of his self- righteousness.

The Law will show him his need of a Savior and become a “schoolmaster” to bring him to Christ (Galatians 3:24), as happened to Paul, Nicodemus, and Nathaniel. It was the Law that brought 3,000 Jews to the foot of the cross on the Day of Pentecost. Without it they would not have known that they had sinned (Romans 7:7), and therefore would not have seen their need of the Savior. See Luke 18:20 footnote for how to use the Law in evangelism.

Did you look at these fulfilled prophecies?

All these and more have been fulfilled. All are complete in Jesus.

But just as atheists find a reason not to believe in God, some Jews find a reason to be blinded to the one true Messiah.

God bless you.


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