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The Gospel Sonnets – Ralph Erskine

July 9, 2009

Kind bowels yearning in the eternal Son,

He left his Father’s court, his heav’nly throne:
Aside he threw his most divine array,
And wrapt his Godhead in a veil of clay.
Angelic armies, who in glory crown’d,
With joyful harps his awful throne surround,
Down to the crystal frontier of the sky,
To see the Saviour born did eager fly;
And ever since behold with wonder fresh
Their Sov’reign and our Saviour wrapt in flesh.
Who in this garb did mighty love display,
Restoring what he never took away;
To God his glory, to the law its due,
To heav’n its honour, to the earth its hue;
To man a righteousness, divine, complete,
A royal robe, to suit the numptial rite.
He in her favours, whom he lov’d so well,
At once did purchase heav’n, and vanquish hell.
His love admits no parallel; for why,
At one great draught of love he drank hell dry.
No drop of wrathful gall he left behind,
No dreg to witness that he was unkind.
The sword of awful justice pierc’d his side,
That mercy thence might gush upon the bride


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