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Luther movie script exerpt

June 12, 2009

Help me: Don’t let me die like a dog on this road: Don’t let me die: I’ll become a monk: I’ll become a monk: I’ll give myself to God: I’ll give myself to God: I’ll give myself to You: I’ll give myself to You: Just spare me: Spare me: Just help me:

Your father’s here. He’s brought the whole family. He’s leaving.

Father, please stay for supper: Father:

Your first Mass, and you crap yourself:

I hoped we could talk.

We scraped to send you to the law, to elevate you to a noble profession. I sweat in the mines for years to give you the chance I never had: Is that how you interpret the commandment to honor your father and mother? –

God brought me here. –

God? A shaft of lightning burns your arse, and you call that God? The devil, more like:


Shut up: Shut up: Leave me alone: Satan, stifle your lying tongue: I never claimed to be good: Never: They know my faults here… my pride, my cursed lust: I confess them all: I confess them all: Just leave me: Just leave me: Just leave me: Please leave me:

You’re too hard on yourself, Brother Martin. Arguing with the devil never does any of us any good. He has had years of practice. He knows all the weak spots.

I’m sorry about today.

I’m not here to scold you, Martin.

I’m too full of sin to be a priest.

You know, in two years I’ve never heard you confess anything remotely interesting.

I live in terror of judgment.

And you think self-hatred will save you?

Have you ever dared to think that God is not just? He has us born tainted by sin, then He’s angry with us all our lives for our faults, this righteous Judge… who damns us… threatening us with the fires of hell: I know: I know I’m evil to think it:

You’re not evil. You’re just not honest. God isn’t angry with you. You are angry with God.

I wish there were no God.

Martin, what is it you seek?

A merciful God: A God whom I can love. A God who loves me.

Then look to Christ. Bind yourself to Christ and you will know God’s love. Say to Him, “I’m yours. Save me.” “I am yours. Save me.” I am yours. Save me. I am yours. Save me.

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